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The Gerry Anderson Podcast

Jan 28, 2019

Here's part one of Jamie's chat with Liz Morgan covering her career before Captain Scarlet, how she got involved, thoughts on her co-stars, direction, how she felt at the time, and reflecting on the series many years later.

We've also got a free 30 minute audio-adapted version of the classic Captain Scarlet story The...

Jan 21, 2019

Phil Ford gives us some insights into the writing and production process of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet, plus chat about his wider career including Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Wizards vs Aliens.

Plus #FABfacts, news, listener emails and the randomiser! It's another jam-packed pod for Gerry...

Jan 14, 2019

Phil Ford is best known by Gerry Anderson fans for being the main writer on his 2005 series New Captain Scarlet. But Phil is a prolific writer outside of the world of Anderson including writing for Taggart, The Bill, Coronation Street, Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Wizards vs Aliens.

In part one of his...

Jan 7, 2019

You might notice a couple of differences this week. For one thing, no interview! This week we look back at 2018, and look ahead to 2019. Lots of exciting stuff is coming.

We have the usual mix of news, listener emails and the randomiser. So enjoy this look back... you're sure to have missed some stuff last year!